Are you tired of the relentless arguments about whether to format code using tabs or spaces? Convinced that after many years of programming there has to be some sort of formatting that has clear benefits? Introducing a concept many may be familiar with: using both! This clean approach to both formatting and aligning your code will leave you with readable, portable, machine-friendly, reformattable goodness.

How can this help my company?

Intellident is fully compatible with your industry standard enterprise-level development ecosystem, and can be used to provide forward upgrade paths for all your existing Java synergy, as well as grow innovative infrastructures to great levels of efficient output factors. Our multi-platform Intellident engine allows you to scale distributed content across the cloud, ensuring universally compatible syntax synergy to let you transform open-source partnerships into targeted market leverage.

What if we're already doing it wrong?

Never fear! Even though all other code formatting techniques express strictly less data and are thus less capable of being reformatted by your computer, that's why you've hired engineers! Your development team is unimportant anyway, so why not task that manpower to the momentous utilization of proper formatting techniques very late in the game. That way more bugs can ship and you'll make more on support going forward in the future.

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